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Honeybee                                     Eastern Yellow Jacket

We get many calls for "honeybees living in the ground". Honeybees never, ever live in the ground; they live mainly in trees, under your eaves, even in your walls or attic. Honeybees are fuzzy and orange or gold in color; wasps are not fuzzy and are yellow. These wasps can sting repeatedly, they will come out of the ground if you are mowing or walk over the hive, it takes very little to provoke them, and that is what makes them dangerous. A honeybee will almost never sting unless provoked or protecting the hive.

Google "how to get rid of Yellow Jackets" or call your local exterminator.

Homemade wasp trap: a 1 gallon milk jug half filled with sugar water, a little vinegar, a piece of banana peel, and a piece of ham (the ham keeps the honeybees out). Put the lid back on, cut a few dime sized holes in the sides and set it near wherever the wasps are bothering you. When it’s filled, pitch it and make a new one.

PLEASE NOTE: Many people attempt to spray or kill the hive, while we understand not everyone can afford to have a professional remove the hive, this will only make matters worse. If you do manage to kill the bees you will be left with a hundred pounds or more of honey and wax in your walls, ceiling or roof. This will attract mice, roaches and other varmits for many years to come, and quite possibly after the poison has dissipated, another hive of honeybees, since the entrance is still available. We will not remove the hive after it has been sprayed with poison (or anything).

Bee Removal

Call Bill at Loveland Honey, 513-315-6474

We have been collecting swarms for many years, we now remove hives from buildings. Since we are contractors we have a unique opportunity to remove bees with minimal damage to your home. However when that isn't possible, we at least can make it easier for whomever you have to repair the area and seal it up so that another hive will not move in. We also will remove hives from trees.

Removal from a building often includes: removing sheetrock, ceiling, siding, bricks and many times part of the roof. We will give you as much information as we can before starting the job, however it is not unusual for the job to be larger or different than expected since it is hard to predict exactly how the hive will be built in the walls, ceiling, roof or wherever.

That being said, we will give a quote, when asked, on the complete job, from start to finish, since our main livelihood is contracting/remodeling.


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